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The desert tells a different story every time one ventures on it.”

Robert Edison Fulton, Jr.

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Issue #328 :: The “Can’t go home again” Edition :: 08:24:2022

Can’t go home again…

Yours truly, about to arrive in Black Rock City (1995)

So, I’m going to Burning Man. I was, and then I wasn’t, and now I am because FOMO got the better of me! (And because friends are making my landing super soft.)

If you know my story, you know I started going in 1995, went for a few years after that, and then took a ten-year-long break. When I returned, yes, it was bigger. Yes, it had changed. But what really struck me was how much *I* had changed. Each time I go back, I’m amazed at how I am able to see myself. Such clarity.

There’s no reception out there and I’m sure that’s part of it, or maybe it’s the weed. Honestly, I’m happy to get those tech-free and/or drug-sparked self-reflective moments. They’re helpful. I’m particularly curious how it will feel for me this year because I’ve grown leaps and bounds emotionally since my last time on playa in 2018.

We’ll see. I’ll report back if I have any major epiphanies. Well, any that are worth sharing.

Are you going to be there and want to connect? Email me and we can exchange coordinates.

— Rusty Blazenhoff
P.S. I recently learned why Burning Man ships tickets with an Atomic Fireball. I never knew!

As seen on the Internets

Death by a thousand tiny teeth: So I let Midjourney help me design new EAT FUCK KILL stickers. It was hard because it doesn’t allow the words, “fuck” or “kill” which is smart. Still, I’m happy with the results and went with the one in the bottom right-hand corner. [Related]

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Real things you can actually buy: way!

Dog-gone it: I wish I had thought of this first—a human-sized dog bed! Sleeping like a pooch doesn’t come cheap though, a single Plufl costs $499.

Real Coach© you can actually buy: yes way!


This one’s name is SparkieWhat’s up, Coach©? I see you’re anthropomorphizing stuff now. Kinda weird, but ok.

Featured Events

Do you remember?

[Los Angeles :: 21st night of SeptemberBa-de-ya! The legacy of the late great Allee Willis will live on through the Willis Wonderland Foundation and its kickoff party is called Night of Wonders. It promises to be “epic” and I have zero doubt it will be! Tickets are $180 which ain’t cheap but a) it’s a fundraiser and b) just look at that lineup! (Yes, I’ll be there.)

[Berkeley :: Full moons] Moonstruck: a wild concert series (get on their list)

[Alameda :: monthlyMaking $#!% Up Improv at Alameda Comedy Club Thanks, Kenn!

[Oakland :: 9/10] Every so often Fairyland opens its door to grownups only and one such night is coming up! September is Oakland Pride month and as part of that celebration Fairyland is hosting FairyProud Pride Night. 21+ :: 6 to 10 p.m. :: $25/pp (A little fairy told me that Michael Wertz made FairyProud art for limited edition merch!)

[Oakland :: ongoing] NewNow has updated their calendar with fun shows (FB link). 

[Oakland :: until 8/27] Last chance to catch Tiny Time at Rock Papers Scissors Collective 

[San Francisco :: 9/30-10/2] Hardly Strictly Bluegrass

[Guerneville (Russian River) :: Fridays 2 to 4 p.m.] Artist Spy Emerson (of Hook-Up Truck fame) is hosting Hugs Farm, a KGGV 95.1 FM radio show that promises music, meditation, and a therapy cow. 

[Point San Pablo, Richmond :: ongoing] Go get hot at good hot!

Rusty Blazenhoff as an infant

Then and now: I was nearly 25 when this was photo was taken of me. It was my very first Burn. I’m nearly 52 now and I hope to recreate this photo at this year’s Burn. I still have the outfit, minus the tripod, sunglasses and hat. Oh, and long hair!

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