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“Do what you feel in your heart to be right — for you’ll be criticized anyway. You’ll be damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.” 

– Eleanor Roosevelt

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Issue #280 :: The “Do not go quietly” Edition :: 08:19:2020

Do not go quietly

I have two things to share in this space today. One good and one really not-so-good.

First, the good: Ok, Game of Shrooms was SUPER FUN! I woke up early Saturday morning, started scrolling through the #gameofshrooms hashtag on Instagram (just to “see”), and recognized a place in a clue that was about 12 minutes away from me. I got dressed and drove over. No coffee. No breakfast. Best part? No traffic. The mushroom-themed art was already gone though, and I’m guessing I missed it by a minute tops. So I started refreshing the hashtag to see where to drive next. Nothing was coming up in my area and I started to feel like maybe I should go home and get on with my day. Boy, am I glad I didn’t! A clue for the watercolor shown below popped up just as I was about to give up and I knew exactly where to head. Nine minutes away. This time I was the first one there! It’s by Annie Owens, co-founder of Hi-Fructose magazine (and wife to Attaboy, who puts on the game itself!). By this time, the adrenaline was pumping, you know, the thrill of the chase. I figured out another clue and snagged that graffiti piece by local muralist Chris Granillo you see below. But I had to go WAY over to Berkeley to get it. Afterwards, not only did I need to fuel up but so did my electric car. I went home, ate, drank some coffee, and went out again…in my other vehicle. It was getting later, and hotter, and more people were “foraging” by then. No more finds. But I’m super happy with what I did score! And next year I’ll definitely be making something mushroom-y to hide. 

Ok, the bad: Got some heartbreaking news on Sunday. My brilliant friend mikl-em is in hospice care. Early last September, he sent out a missive describing the sudden discovery of a tumor in his brain and the subsequent surgery required to immediately remove it. I assumed “no news was good news,” but, well, here we are damnit. I could say a lot more about him, he’s a legendary cacophonist and raconteur, but I’ll stop. It was requested of his friends that we send mikl love via email and I have done that. I think that’s all we can do— just hold him and his amazing partner Danielle in our thoughts and throw lots of love their way. Dying is both beautiful and total bullshit.

Long Now put together this tribute about him.

Rusty Blazenhoff
P.S.  Thanks for all the “survivor” songs you sent my way. Out of all of them, this one sent in by John S. seems most apt to share this week.

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Spotify stock data as a landscapes

Above is Spotify, SPOT (NYSE): Who knew stock data could be so beautiful? As a data visual insights innovator, Gladys of Stoxart takes boring stock charts and visualizes them as landscapes. Super cool!

:: You don’t have to be a fan of Billy Joel to appreciate how he looks out for his real fans

:: “Fish bowl” drag shows at SF’s Red Vic 

:: Giphy has a catalog of free animated backdrops for your Zoom calls

:: I can’t believe this is the first time I’m hearing about TEPCO beach

:: “Drive and Listen” is fun. It combines driving footage of cities with radio music.

:: “The Mail” is Motherboard’s new e-newsletter about the USPS. It’s free. Its complementary zine is not.

:: If you’ve never seen the animation David the Gnome, you’re in for a treat. He helps a goat who’s swallowed a wire and a badger who has a splinter in his eye. Plus, he defines his enemies (and mine): trolls. David is voiced by Tom Bosley!

:: Now HERE’S a movie I’d like to see in real life

:: Remember “Timer” from those Saturday morning PSAs for kids (“I hanker for a hunk of cheese!”)? WELL, HE WAS ORIGINALLY FROM A 1973 AFTERSCHOOL SPECIAL! Thanks, Kevin E.!
:: Time for Timer:
:: Also: Thanks, Archer!

:: Corpse flower “Terra the Titan” is in bloom
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:: Learn WHY it stinks like rotten flesh:

Sur(real) estate you can actually buy: way!

Here’s George Jetson: Weren’t you just telling me you wanted to live in Australia, in a bubble house? Sorry, THE Bubble House. (Can anyone tell me how much this even costs? Aussie real estate listings are different than ours.)

Real book you can actually buy: yay!

From Manspainers to Concern Trolls: Men to Avoid in Art and Life ($14.95) by Nicole Tersigni was clearly written with me (and every other woman in the world) in mind. It sold out of its first run after this New York Times article published but it’ll be back

Featured Events

[9/4 to Halloween :: GLOBAL] The San Francisco Ghost Hunt is on! Of course, walking tours can’t happen in a pandemic, so ghost guide Christian Cagigal will be sharing tales of the City’s most notorious haunted places through Zoom instead. These spooky Fireside Stories virtual events ($25) will happen every Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m., starting on September 4 and running through Halloween. Bookings available now.

ALSO: Christian is hosting a magic show, called Sortilegios, from his San Francisco home. He promises an “enchanting online event of magic, mind reading, and strange happenings.” Happens every Thursday in October at 7 p.m. PST through Zoom, $25.

Portland’s LeBrie Rich and Bill Will are at it again with STOP it.

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